Seven words that changed a binmans life forever and made his dreams come true

A binman from Torquay is celebrating after winning £1million on the National Lottery.

Mal Duggan, 47, found out he had won from his dad Tony, who recognised the winning numbers as the ones his son usually used. Mal said: “My dad knew my numbers off by heart and he knew they were winning numbers.

“He didn’t want to say congratulations in case I had forgotten to play. He called me and just asked: ‘Mal did you play Lotto last night?’ – fortunately I had.”

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"At that point I hadn’t checked my numbers and my dad said you may just want to go online and check. I could not believe it when I did. My jaw just dropped and I just screamed OMG we are millionaires. The win is totally life-changing and it all still feels surreal – I keep thinking I am going to wake up from a dream and discover I have totally fantasised this whole once in a lifetime moment.”

Mal has already begun to splash the cash. He has bought himself a PS5 and treated his girlfriend to a new pair of shoes. He has his eye on other goodies.The keen Everton fan said: “The best seats at Everton for every home game will also be a must. Despite living in Torquay I still travel to as many games as possible – I absolutely love Everton.”

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He is also going to buy a new home for him and his girlfriend. He said: “We currently live above a shop with my girlfriend’s family which is obviously fine but all we have ever wanted is to own a home of our own – something which we never believed would be possible.

“We are just taking our time and letting the news sink in. Our very own dream home is definitely top of the list, together with a new car for my dad – and of course – our very best Christmas ever.

“Being able to look after those closest to me also means so much. Seeing the joy I can bring to loved ones is priceless.”

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