Dog owners re-watch home camera and are left howling at pooch committing crime

A couple were left howling after their indoor security camera caught their puppy in the act while home alone.

Andy and Lucy Bryce, from Netherne Village in Surrey, adopted an 18-month-old Weimaraner, named Moose, after it was rescued from the streets of Hungary.

After bringing him home, the couple bought a Ring indoor camera to monitor the pup's moves when they were away.

And it wasn't long before the pooch was filmed being mischievous.

In the footage Andy and Lucy shared, Moose jumped onto the kitchen counter and sniffed around for snacks.

Within seconds, he had already found a bottle of dog probiotics and quickly swooped it to the ground.

His two sisters, Eve, an eight-year-old Silver Labrador and Lola, a five-year-old Weimaraner, awoke to the noise as the bottle hit the floor.

Lucy said they bought the £49.99 security gadget to see what her furry friends got up to and so they could speak to them using Ring’s Two-Way Talk.

She added: "We purchased the extra cameras in particular to see what our new dog was up to whilst we were asleep or out of the house, and of course extra security.

"This proved invaluable to see him [Moose] committing crime!

"We wouldn't think in a million years he'd be up in the night stealing it [the probiotics] and eating the whole pot!

"Needless to say he was nice and firm with a very healthy gut the following week."

Lucy describes Moose as a "loveable nightmare" and explains this wasn’t the first time they’ve witnessed his mischievous behaviour on their Ring devices.

"Since he was found living on the streets, he seems to be very dexterous. He can do all sorts of things with his paws that I've never known any other dog to do," Lucy explained.

"He surprises us one day to the next with what he gets up to."

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