Mystery as pal of daredevil who plummeted from skyscraper claims he didnt slip

The mystery around the death of a daredevil who plummeted from a skyscraper continues as his pal says he could not have slipped.

French photographer and adrenalin junkie Remi Lucidi, known to his fans as Remi Enigma, fell to his death after clambering up a skyscraper in Hong Kong, China.

But his death, according to urban explorer pal Dakamaru, who did not wish to reveal his real identity when speaking to The Mirror, was not an accidental slip, he claimed.

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He believes Mr Lucidi could not have slipped from the 721ft Trengunter Tower complex while posing for photos, as there is a "certain level of skill" expected.

Dakamaru said: "This doesn't happen often. We do not just fall. Had my friend had any partner with him to back him up he would still be alive. A comrade would call for help.

"Tragedies such as my friend's never shake our core beliefs. We know what we're doing and why we're doing it. We are aware of the consequences."

Lucidi, who is believed to have fallen after being trapped on the outside of a window, may have spent so long stuck near the glass he became "tired" and let go.

Dakamaru continued: "When you reach a certain level of skill you don't just slip and fall. It's not possible. According to the witness, Remi was stuck outside of a window.

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"It must have been a place that he could not manoeuvre out of. He must have spent enough time there to get tired and not be able to keep to it any longer. The witness claimed he’d been out on the window knocking.

"Probably on a thin edge outside. Not much space to move. Probably no way to sit, turn, crouch or change position in any way. And no matter how physically fit you are, in such conditions you’re bound to get tired eventually."

The Daily Star previously reported on the death of Mr Lucidi, who is believed to have told security he was visiting a friend on the 40th floor, before scarpering up a hatch and onto the roof.

Remi, 30, was pronounced dead at the scene, with witnesses claiming he had gotten stuck on the outside of the building near a window.

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