Weather forecaster pinpoints when widespread snow could hit half of UK

The UK could be hit with a huge snow blast in just a few days, according to a leading weather forecaster.

Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden said the white stuff "is now likely" from next week, with snow to fall on the north of Scotland first before travelling down the middle of the country.

With "a cold northerly flow and low pressure areas moving in across our shores", Madden reckons "the snow risk will increase significantly, particularly, across the northern half of the country" from December 22 to 26.

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According to Madden, the Global Forecast System (GFS) has shown consistent repeated patterns of weather for next weekend that would result in "a number of notable and newsworthy snowy episodes for the days in the run up to Christmas", as well as Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

"Now despite not being able to say exactly where will get snow as of yet, I can say that these current charts do cover large parts of the northern half of the country and Wales for some widespread and potentially heavy snow showers and potential blizzards for this period, and also for large parts of Ireland too," Madden said.

He added there is a chance snow develops in regions further south, namely central England, if the colder weather manages to dig in. Even in the far south, Madden reckons some wintry showers "can't entirely rule out as of yet".

For beyond Christmas, Madden said: "Our longer range projections also show it staying quite wintry with the prospect of further snow later in the month and as we head into the new year/January, although some less cold days may also follow post Christmas, particularly, in the far south."

The Met Office has also suggested we could see snow from next week. Its forecast for December 22 to 31 states: "Unsettled with milder, mobile spells of wind and rain, and briefer colder interludes most likely. Initially, for the north, showers, heavy in places and wintry to low levels, with drier and brighter conditions further south.

"By the Christmas period, a chance of a colder, showery interlude with northerly winds potentially bringing some snowfall, mainly across hills in the north. However, this colder interlude could be short-lived, and may not reach the far south before a milder Atlantic, westerly flow, becomes re-established."

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