Parents play dead to dupe son into believing hitman he hired had killed them

A 22-year-old man allegedly plotted to assassinate his wealthy mum, dad and sister in a bid to claim his inheritance.

But his ‘plan’ was foiled when police officers worked with his parents, who also have a 10-year-old daughter, to trick him into believing he had hired a killer to do the deed.

Russian police staged the murder of members of the young man’s family in their home after one officer played the role of the fake hired assassin.

The son had allegedly told the “contract killer”, hired in the Russian resort of Sochi, Krasnodar region, how and where his loved ones should be murdered.

The young man is also claimed to have provided information so detailed it included a floor plan of the home indicating where security cameras were and how to avoid guard dogs.

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During his preliminary discussion with the undercover cop, the man agreed to a fee of £38,000 to be paid after he had collected the inheritance and demanded to see pictures of his parents following the murder, police said.

The man’s mum and dad were reportedly “devastated” to discover their son’s “intentions”.

But in order to provide the evidence of the killing allegedly wanted by the 22-year-old, they worked with the detectives and posed for pictures, pretending to have died at the hands of an assassin, the Mirror reported.

Graphic pictures show the man’s father lying on the floor, with a pool of what looks like blood underneath his chest.

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In another picture bearing the logo of the Russian interior ministry, the mother can be seen looking lifeless while collapsed on stairs with blood running down her chest from her neck.

The young man later met with the fake assassin in a car and was allegedly “delighted” at the sight of the photographs portraying his parents seemingly dead.

The man, who hasn’t yet been named, was immediately detained and confessed, police in Krasnodar said.

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A police source claimed the man had wanted to kill his parents because “they were not giving him money” and had already looked online “how to carry out the murders”.

The source also claimed: “The criminal wanted to put pills in the kettle to poison his parents but his father found out something was wrong.

“Then the son planned to break a thermometer in his parents’ car so that they were poisoned with mercury vapours. But he got cold feet.”

Police said the man had said to have been planning the death of his family for “several months”.

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