Lee Anderson’s eight-word retort to Jon Sopels challenge to go on his podcast

Lee Anderson refuses to apologise for migrant comment

Lee Anderson has brutally slapped down ex-BBC journalist Jon Sopel’s desperate attempt to get him on his podcast to answer questions over his views on illegal migrants.

Sopel is the latest woke celebrity to have a rant on his News Agents podcast with fellow presenter Lewis Goodall about the Conservative Deputy Chairman telling illegal migrants who do not like living on barges to “f*** off back to France”.

But the former BBC US correspondent also suggested that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak might tell Anderson to “f*** off” because of his admission in an interview with Nigel farage that Government policy on the small boats crisis has been “a failure”.

Sopel said: “A salty language, a popular message is one thing, but can you go on the television and say our Government policy has been a total failure before Rishi Sunak says to him ‘you can f*** off yourself’?”

He added: “If you think we are being critical or unfair to Lee Anderson we have invited him on the podcast, we have invited him on Monday, I texted him the other night and didn’t hear back from him.”

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He went on: “So Lee Anderson if you are listening to this, there will be a cup of coffee waiting for you, we’ll get you a sandwich and I promise we won’t tell you to…I’m not going to say it.”

Goodall added: “We won’t tell you to f*** off.”

But while Mr Anderson has not bothered to reply directly to Sopel he has sent a response via Express.co.uk.

The straight talking 56-year-old Ashfield MP only needed eight words to dismiss Sopel in a brutal put down.

He said: “I would have more fun at the dentist.”

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Mr Anderson also made it clear that he does not think much of Sopel’s brand of journalism.

He added: “Sopel is a cut and paste Twitter journo.”

This is not the first time that Sopel has been triggered by the Tory Deputy Chairman.

The ex-BBC journalist recently toured the studios ranting about Anderson during the Huw Edwards crisis defending his BBC presenter friend.

He was furious that the Tory MP had used the scandal to call for the licence fee to be ended and described the BBC as “a safe have haven for perverts.”

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