Horror moment bloke nearly eaten by huge alligator named Elvis in feeding slip

An alligator expert was nearly eaten alive in a shocking moment caught on camera by shocked onlookers.

Colorado Gator Farm staff member Chad was feeding a giant alligator named Elvis, as he normally does.

But disaster struck when the beast lunged at him in front of several frightened visitors to the park.

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It took place during the normal public lecture about feeding the alligators.

In the video, a tour guide can be heard talking as Chad offers Elvis, who is 12 feet long and weighs 600lbs, a turkey.

The guide explained: “If they can't get another alligator – like if we threw the turkey in there, there would be seven or eight of them tearing it apart death rolling in opposite directions to tear it apart.

“One by himself, if he rolls, stuff just rolls with him so there's no use in that.

"They're incredibly smart and he's like 'OK I don't have the food' he knows the food is in the yellow bucket and Chad has got the food, so he's going to go talk to Chad.”

Bizarrely, Chad asked the crowd if they wanted him to toss the turkey next to the alligator's face – which he did.

This seemed to enrage Elvis, who lunged at the bloke as he falls onto an embankment near the pond the alligator was in.

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He then panics, rolls backwards because he can't get his footing and quickly backs away.

This prompted gasps of shock from the crowd, while the tour guide is heard trying to calm Elvis down.

Shockingly, in a vein attempt at trying to be funny, the guide shouts: “I told you guys it might be the last appearance.

“That's not the closest we've had to losing the Chad yet or a leg.”

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“He's a beast, huh, moves a lot faster than you'd expect doesn't he?

“That got my heart going how about you?”

But rather than trying to shy away from one of their staff members potentially getting eaten, the farm posted the footage on its Facebook page.

The video has been shared 133 times, while more than 44 comments.

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A farm spokesman said: “When the turkey didn't land in his mouth, Elvis was focused on where he saw movement.

“It's why whenever working with large reptile it's always good to have a backup with you.

“Special thanks to Chad for pretending he was afraid and giving the viewers something fun to watch.

“He wasn't injured, and he promised to work on this turkey throwing aim.”

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