Family searching for lost son only found one shark-gnawed bone of 20-year-old

A family searching for their missing son found just the "shark-gnawed" remains of their loved one, who had headed out on a gap year.

Tania MacNabb lamented the tragic vanishing of her son Hugo Palmer, 20, and pal Erwan Ferrieux, just three months into their year-long trip around the world.

She has since admitted the family will never know what truly happened to their son and his friend after they vanished just three months into a trip to Australia.

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The Brit lad's body was sadly never recovered, but a single bone, gnawed by a shark, was found some time later and prompted fears Hugo could have been eaten alive.

Tania said: "He was so excited for his life to begin, he wanted to go and have this huge adventure – and it was all snatched away from him.

"The last phone call I had with him, I lectured him about driving safely – I wish I had known instead to warn him about this."

The horror disappearance of her son prompted the family to fly "straight out to Australia" as locals warned of a "scene from Jaws" unfurling on the beach, The Sun reported.

She said: "It was like a scene from Jaws – everyone was enjoying the beach but there was this huge secret that they were hiding about the water.

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"Locals told us it’s notoriously dangerous, but apart from a note at the entrance along with the beach rules, there is nothing that highlights the danger.

"One man told me that he voluntarily patrols the beach on a Sunday to warn tourists about the water, but he wasn’t able to get to the beach the day Hugo died. He was devastated."

An Australian coroner has since ruled Hugo likely drowned, with all that was found of the youngster was a thigh bone, which showed signs of shark bites.

Tania added: "All we had was one femur bone. The funeral felt bizarre, I didn’t really feel anything. It is so hard being so far away from where he is and not knowing what happened in his final moments."

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