Armys new exceptional super guns give elite troops increase in lethality

Game-changing super guns are being given to the Army's elite troops to offer a "distinct advantage" on the battlefield.

The new high-precision assault rifles will be handed out to Special Operations Brigade (ASOB) recruits imminently and will “enhance their battlefield capability” to make them one of the most weaponized Forces in the world.

The ‘Alternative Individual Weapon’ AIW systems – also known as the L403A1 – will allow the highly-trained soldiers to have optimal sighting for hitting targets and a stronger release on bullets.

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Billed as “exceptionally reliable and accurate”, the new super guns will allow them to shoot at targets from a greater distance, with a more accurate aim, while being quieter to use.

It also boasts a “reduction system” making it near impossible for the AIW to be picked up by enemy targets by sight and sound.

The £90 million contract will be rolled out across the crack ASOB team imminently.

Programme manager Lieutenant Colonel Gareth Davies, who works in the Rifles commandment, said: “This an alternative individual weapon for the ASOB.

“We have had positive feedback from the trials to date. It has fired 20,000 rounds to check reliability and personnel have really liked it.

“It offers a marked increase in lethality and the system includes one of the most capable day sights currently available.”

The guns will also be equipped with night optics meaning they can be used at all times.

Minister for Defence Procurement, James Cartlidge said: "This is another example of how we are committed to investing in the most advanced battlefield equipment to back our troops on the battlefield. This advanced rifle’s ability to help soldiers maintain the stealth edge not only protects them but delivers war-fighting advantage over our adversaries."

The rifles were originally slated to be distributed by next financial year – 2024/25 – but the project was moved forward, which army experts say will give Brits a “distinct advantage” in the battlefield.

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