The impressive village in Spain that can only be reached through a cave

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Nestled within the heart of Spain’s diverse landscapes lie towns and villages that captivate the imagination with their remarkable settings, perched atop cliffs, nestled in valleys, or gracing pristine beaches.

The Spanish terrain continually astonishes, offering a plethora of unique locations that are unparalleled worldwide.

One of the most extraordinary and intriguing of these destinations can be found within the Asturian municipality of Cuevas del Agua, situated in Ribadesella.

Hiding in this pretty village is quite the unusual sight, a village which can only be accessed through a cave. Aptly named the Cuevona de Cuevas, this natural wonder serves as a tunnel that connects the village to the outside realm.

As travellers venture deep into the mountain, a stream follows them along the journey, flanked by stunning geological formations that leave onlookers in awe.

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Embarking on a 300-metre passage, visitors are treated to a spectacle of monumental vaults that shape the cave’s interior. This path is the sole entrance to the village.

During this expedition, limestone wonders such as stalactites, stalagmites, and lava flows grace the traveller’s path, each formation bearing a name reflective of its marvel—La lengua del diablo (The Devil’s Tongue) and Las barbas de Santiago (Santiago’s Beard) among them.

Since the cave is only accessible by foot, it has two dedicated parking areas for visitors who want to enjoy the cave and the village that lies beyond.

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Beyond the breathtaking marvel that is Cuevona, the municipality of Cuevas del Agua is situated along the banks of the majestic River Sella, nestled at the base of towering mountains that lend an air of enchantment to the locale. Within its layout, the village boasts a remarkable array of hórreos (raised granaries), capturing the essence of its culture. This rich tapestry extends further to encompass various ethnographic treasures, harmonising seamlessly with the neighbouring villages of Tresmonte and Xuncu.

Moreover, the streets are a testament to the enduring spirit of Asturian architecture, showcasing the traditional homes that are iconic to the region.

For those with time to spare, embarking on the windmill route is a must—a scenic path commencing within the village and winding its way past several picturesque watermills, a testament to the historical fabric of the region.

Cuevas del Agua beckons to the intrepid traveller, promising an unforgettable journey through the captivating Cuevona and into the heart of a village that seamlessly marries natural beauty with cultural heritage.

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