Putins next target already identified and his cause of death already decided

Vladimir Putin's next target could already be identified as a mouthpiece for the despot revealed a likely name high on the hit list.

The potential death of Sergey Surovikin could be on the cards following the alleged involvement of Putin in the death of former Wagner head, Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Surovikin had been the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Aerospace Forces until he was unceremoniously sacked the same day Prigozhin was killed in a plane crash with nine others.

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General Surovikin had already been on a leave of absence, but has now been sacked from his job and could, according to propagandist Vladimir Solovyov, die of a "heart attack" anytime now.

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Speaking on the state television programming, Mr Solovyov claimed: "I'll say even more, although God forbid, is for Surovikin to die of a heart attack."

His claim at the alleged future of the Russian general comes as fingers are pointed at Putin over the death of Prigozhin, who was killed when his Embraer 600 jet crashed on August 23.

One Twitter user pointed out General Surovikin had not been seen "since the revolt" which was waged by Prigozhin back in June.

It is believed the revolt had "sealed" the Wagner Group leader's fate, with a fuming Putin tipped to have taken revenge just two months after the failed coup.

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The Daily Star previously reported a kill contract had already been placed on Prigozhin's head well before his death, although it may not have been Putin to place the order.

A former MI6 spy claimed the Wagner Group leader had been a target of other Russian businesses, who called time on the man once known as "Putin's chef".

Former spy Christopher Steele claimed: "We had heard some weeks ago from a source that a contract had been put out on Prigozhin in Russia by senior members of the business community."

Military expert Sean Bell added: "We sort of expected about three months for the dust to settle before Putin would deal with the problem that is Prigozhin, but it is actually two months later."

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