Mia Khalifa fears nudes will start circulating again and slams online trolls

Former pornstar turned social media influencer Mia Khalifa has revealed her fear that nude images of her will “start circulating again” despite her adult career being over for nearly 10 years.

Lebanon-born Mia quit the x-rated industry in 2015, but has remained one of Pornhub's most popular stars. Since then, she has turned herself into a world-travelling influencer, part-time model and purveyor of fancy foods – as well as a huge Spongebob Squarepants fan.

And she has now opened up about her former life in an interview with Spanish news outlet El Pais, as well as addressing comments made to her since launching her own OnlyFans account. She said: “I’m really afraid that my nudes will start circulating around again, but lately working in Europe I’ve been feeling good about creating artistically beautiful things and that has been giving me confidence to show more.

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“Even when I’ve done photos without a top, I’ve felt more comfortable because I haven’t felt overtly sexual – if someone sexualizes those photos it’s their problem, not mine. When trolls attack me with disgusting comments on Twitter and use my photos, I don’t recognize myself in that person, and I feel sorry for her, for where she was mentally and how little I loved and respected myself and how she tried to win the approval of others.

“Maybe right now I feel empowered by my OnlyFans because I do things my own way on there, there’s no nudity, I don’t do what people expect when they get on there. I post fun, beautiful pictures that make me feel empowered, and it also makes me feel powerful to block people who say rude things to me.”

  • Mia Khalifa dyes her 'unibrow' as she tells her fans' pink everything'

Speaking of fun, Mia recently dyed her eyebrows pink . . . to the shock of her fanbase.

Following her online journey, she vowed to fans around a year ago that she is attempting to grow a ‘unibrow’ and turn it into a ‘naked mole rat’. In her latest update, posted earlier this week, she was pictured at the hairdressers, sitting in the salon chair looking delighted with bleach smothered on her eyebrows before the colour was added on.

She winked at the camera, and jokingly comments “lmao not the eyebrow bleach”. Later videos saw Mia instructing the artist to add more fullness to her eyebrows to enhance her future unibrow look.

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Fans of the star were left waiting, before Mia posted the results by zooming into her now-pink eyebrows while in her car and smoking a matching pink cigarette.

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