UK temperatures to rocket as blast of scorching weather to last 10 days

Heatwave conditions will return to the UK within a week’s time, with weather maps suggesting temperatures will reach up to 28C in some parts of Britain.

The Met Office has said that towards the end of next week, high pressure over the UK will edge over to Scandinavia and low pressure will approach from the west.

They said: “With this we will see a southerly airflow. There will be a lot of dry weather, particularly towards the east. There will be potentially some south-western showers, but warmer weather would be carried up from the south.”

Britain should expect “fine weather” and some warmth, but warn there is always potential for thunderstorms.

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Weather experts warn that although the maps are forecasting hot weather currently, it could change. Speaking exclusively to, Jim Dale, a senior meteorologist at the British Weather Services said: “I do expect the U.K. to check in and out of very warm/hot weather and something much cooler between now and the end of the month, so it’s a case of timing and planning, with the southeast of England tending to hog the best of what’s to come.”

The Met Office also states the UK, throughout August, can expect a “very different look” to the wet weather faced in July.

The weather patterns will provide a “summer-type” of weather for the UK, but potentially without a prolonged hot spell, on this occasion.

Looking towards the end of August, the Met Office says we can expect above-average temperatures, particularly towards the north of the UK, so it will feel “warmer than what we have experienced in recent weeks.”

Weather maps from WX Charts show the heat rising for the north of the UK on Monday, August 21. In the afternoon, Manchester and York can expect a forecast of 26C heat.

In the east midlands, Nottingham can expect highs of 27C, whereas in the west midlands, in Birmingham, temperatures will peak at 28C on August 21. According to the weather maps, these temperatures will linger, so some parts of the UK look likely to stay within 20Cs for a few days.

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According to the weather maps, these temperatures will linger, so some parts of the UK look likely to stay within 20Cs for a few days.

Long-range weather maps show that pressure is rising over the UK, a knock-on effect from similar conditions over western Europe, where several nations have experienced record-breaking highs.

But they won’t be quite as sustained in the UK, with clear skies predicted to occasionally darken with rain over the next two weeks, before the heat hits the UK towards the end of next week.

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