Israeli fantasy girl soldier tells fans Im alive after Instagram ban

A former police combat officer turned content creator is back in her military gear fighting for Isreal – and claims she’s been banned from Instagram because of it.

The young woman whose real name is Natalia Fadeev goes by Gun Waifu on X formerly Twitter. She has enlisted in the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), vowing to “erase” Hamas from the planet.

The adult content creator regularly posts raunchy images to her social media pages. She previously made headlines after being inundated with marriage proposals for posing in her sexy military police uniform.

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However, since the conflict between Israel and Hamas broke out, leaving thousands dead on both sides, the star has swapped from her usual steamy content for full military gear. In one post from the front lines she posted: “This is not a war, this is a crime against humanity”.

In another post, Natalia compared what she was witnessing to the Holocaust. She posted she has seen things that "keep me awake at night. Horrible things are happening, we hear stories similar to those of Holocaust survivors."

Speaking about Hamas in another recent post, Natalia said they "have nothing to contribute to humanity. We have to erase them, destroy them".

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Since changing the content she posts on her social media, Natalia has had her Instagram account deactivated – and she claims it is an attempt to “silence her”.

Yesterday (October 15) she tweeted: “Yes I’m alive, you’re mad? #Isarael #GazaCity #IsraelWar”. She also posted a photo of her in her full military gear.

Last week she said: “They think getting me banned on Instagram will make me silent? Won’t give them the pleasure! I’m here to fight both in reality and on social media #StandsWithIsrael”.

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She followed the post up with a screenshot claiming that her Instagram was deactivated. Adding that she is now using her ‘backup’ account, and stating she “will not be silenced”.

Natalia tweeted: “Instagram deactivated my account @nataliafadeev for absolutely no reason once again! Share this to expose their antisemitism, if you know anyone who can help please message me”.

She later claimed, “They couldn’t take me off 1v1 so they took my Instagram down instead. Stay mad”.

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According to the Toronto Sun, Israel has used photos of attractive members of the IDF to attract recruits. In 2019, there was a brouhaha over a group called the Alpha Gun Angels.

According to Jewish Currents, the Angels billed themselves as "Israel’s premier gun-modelling and social media marketing agency.” The publication added that the women are a team of nine active and veteran IDF combat soldiers who have turned their good looks into an Instagram celebrity.

They market their looks and combat experience as a “sexy lifestyle brand." It's understood that Natalia Fadeev is one of the Angels, along with Orin Julie and Nina Nature, among others.

Daily Star contacted Instagram for comment.

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