From cocaine to poo – chemical warfare expert says never go in Las Vegas pools

Hundreds of thousands of British families are currently flying out of the country to spend their summer holidays somewhere hotter than the UK.

Naturally one of the top destinations – at least for adults will be Las Vegas in Nevada, United States.

But an urgent, and very grim warning has been issued by a former US Army Chemical Officer about the state of the swimming pools in the place where anything goes.

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Dan Kaszeta, who got an apology from the Government's Minister of Defence earlier this year after being banned from speaking at a UK even for no reason, shared some insight into just what lies in the water of a Las Vegas swimming pool . . . and how venue bosses cover it up.

He tweeted: “As a specialist in chemical and biological warfare, take this warning from me. Never get in a pool in Las Vegas. Don't even touch the water.

“I know certain things so that you don't have to.

“Cocaine, STDs, and laxatives are a bad combo – Laxatives are in the people, people are in the pool.”

When asked about how that's possible when the pools don't smell, he replied: “Overchlorination to cover many things.”

He also confirmed that communal swimming pools in general aren't great, and that hot tubs should also be avoided.

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Eventually, Dan explained how he knows what's really going on inside the pools, and it stems from a conversation he had while working at the White House in the late 1990s.

He recalled how the person told him they were working on a case in Las Vegas and needed access to a bio lab.

He explained: “The suspect item was a clear liquid.

“The guy in the field collected some control and background samples, including tap water and some swimming pool water from a major hotel.

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“Two days later, I get a phone call in the middle of the night at home from the White House switchboard (telling me that the lab is VERY eager to talk to me.

“The sample that had one of the finest labs in the country alarmed so much was the control sample from the pool water.

“It was, to use a technical phrase 'a shop of horrors'.”

The pool water included a huge number of metabolites from human urine, fecal matter from humans, mammals, and birds, trace amounts of cocaine, ketamine, and several different opiates and adenoviruses, as well as campylobacter.

However the main sample the other bloke wanted was actually just glycerine.

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