Humiliation for Putin as tanks pathetic attempt to stop drone strike fails

Russian military equipment destroyed after drone nets installed

Russian tank crews have been forced to adapt to Ukrainian tactics including the widespread use of combat drones to knock out armour caught out in the open.

In response to the drone threat, the Russian military had resorted to welding large cages onto vehicles designed to catch incoming drones before impact.

Such tactics have seen mixed success on the battlefield. In recent days drone nets have sprung up in footage from Russian tank units suggesting crews are experimenting with new ways to keep the Ukranian UAVs at bay.

Footage from the frontline, however, suggests that these nets have also failed to save Russian armoured vehicles from Ukranian drone operators.

In one video, taken from a dashcam, drone nets can be seen covering a road though the same route is littered with the wreckage of destroyed vehicles.

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Another video recorded by a suicide drone shows the moment the explosive UAV is flown directly passed the netting into a target Russian tank.

The tank targetted in the second video appears to be in the same location as the wreckage in the first video, though this can not be confirmed.

Ukrainian military blogger Igor Susho shared the drone footage online adding: “Russian fascists installed cope nets above roads on occupied land in Ukraine in an attempt to protect their equipment from Ukrainian drone strikes. It didn’t work.”

The war in Ukraine has proven to be a potent laboratory producing rapid developments in drone warfare.

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Both sides have been deploying off-the-shelf unmanned UAVs for scouting enemy positions and movement.

Drones play an important role in the artillery battles which have been raging along the line of contact since the beginning of Russia’s full-blown invasion.

Operators use UAVs to guide artillery strikes on enemy units that are discovered, correcting strikes to ensure targets are hit.

Fast-moving racing drones have also been adapted to carry anti-armour explosives and explode on impact with enemy vehicles.

A feature of the brutal trench warfare in Ukraine has also been the widespread use of drones to drop fragmentation grenades on opposing fighters.

Ukraine has also utilised larger size drone models to strike deep into Russian territory.

Suspected Ukrainian drone attacks have targeted Russian bases in Crimea, Kursk, Belgorod, and even the capital Moscow.

Naval drones have also been credited with helping Ukrainian forces deny the Russian Navy free movement in the Black Sea.

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