Ukraine brings Russia to heel with 13 killed and 50+ in hospital

Ukraine has struck a Russian military base, sending at least 50 soldiers to the hospital and killing more than a dozen.

Kyiv’s Armed Forces (AFU) hit a command post in the Mariupol area, according to the city’s Ukrainian mayor-in-exile Vadym Boychenko.

He added on Telegram that of the 50 taken to City Hospital No. 2, “13 have already died”.

Boychenko also claimed another hospital in the village of Manhush near Mariupol was also filled with injured Russians, five of whom died.

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Speaking on the messaging app, Boychenko said: “All night they were sorting out the consequences and taking out the wounded, corpses and pulling out broken equipment.”

The AFU Department of Strategic Communications confirmed the strike, saying it happened at around 11am, and verified that the Russian command post was situated at the Hvylia sanatorium.

It marks a continued siege on Russian-occupied areas in Ukraine, as Kyiv’s counter-offensive rolls on.

On Sunday, Ukrainian partisans ignited a fire at the Russian base in Mariupol, leading to at least 10 Russian soldiers sustaining injuries.

Petro Andryushchenko, an advisor to the Mariupol mayor, claimed that the barracks housing the occupying forces were obliterated and three enemy vehicles were damaged.

It comes as Russian officials admitted defeat while Ukraine retakes occupied territory.

Hanna Mailar, Ukraine’s deputy defence minister, claimed on Wednesday morning that their forces had “released” the village from the occupying Russians.

And just minutes later the Chechen Vostok Battalion, leading the Russian forces in Urozhaine, admitted that Ukraine had “penetrated our defences”.

In another instance, Ukraine had pushed into the northern outskirts of Urozhaine, and Russian reports detailed a rapid retreat from the village.

While various Russian channels debated the potential loss of Urozhaine, the Vostok Battalion that had been stationed in the village, nicknamed ”Harvest”, freely admitted on Tuesday morning they had “lost” the village.

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“We lost Urozhaine, and at the same time caused such damage that part of our consciousness refuses to understand the motives of the Ukrainian command,” they wrote.

It also comes as Vladimir Putin is activating “sleeper agents” who have been under deep cover for decades in Britain and other Western countries, reports claim.

On Tuesday, news broke that three Bulgarian nationals living near London and Norfolk were arrested in February on suspicion of spying for Russia.

All three suspects had been in the UK for more than a decade, working in roles such as a driver for hospitals, a health professional and in financial services.

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