Fuming wife rips off part of hubbys penis in furious drunken cheating row

A furious wife has reportedly ripped off part of her husband’s penis after a cheating row.

The angry wife is said to have grabbed his appendage and pulled it "very hard" during the booze-fuelled spat.

The 45-year-old arrived to hospital and the "skin of his penis was partly torn off", according to local reports from the French village of Portet-sur-Garonne near Toulouse.

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Both the husband and wife, 36, were said to have have been drinking before a spat broke out which soon turned violent shortly after midnight on Monday, July 10, reports The Mirror.

The wife had reportedly accused her husband of cheating at a party the previous night, according to French newspaper La Depeche.

The paper reports she’d grabbed his privates "very hard" and her husband was reportedly left bleeding with large parts of the skin of his penis and his foreskin ripped.

As well as injuring his genitals, the wife also attacked her husband's ear and also "tore a piece off", according to French media.

Ambulance crew arrived to find the man was conscious but in "terrible pain" before being taken to the Rangueil hospital in Toulouse.

It is unknown whether she used a knife or another sharp object in the attack.

The prosecutor's office has opened an investigation and the prosecutor said the man had been examined by a doctor to determine the seriousness of his injuries.

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They reportedly told press: "He is suffering but his life is not in danger."

His wife has since been arrested as her husband continues treatment for his injuries.

The woman has been charged with aggravated assault, while the husband is also facing his own assault charges over attacks on his wife.

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