Rishi Sunak mocks Keir Starmer in brutal prepared lines swipe in PMQs

Rishi Sunak mocked Sir Keir Starmer over his “prepared lines” during a rowdy Prime Minister’s Questions.

The PM accused the Labour leader of reading from a “script” and claimed the lines “really aren’t working for him anymore”.

It came as the pair traded blows over housebuilding and mortgages.

Mr Sunak said: “These prepared lines really aren’t working for him anymore.

“He literally asked me a question about the support we’re providing for mortgage holders, I gave him the answer to that question, and then he read from his script to say we hadn’t answered the question.”

Elsewhere during PMQs, Mr Sunak joked that the new Labour MP for Mid Bedfordshire might “actually support me a little bit more than the last one” in reference to Nadine Dorries, who was a fierce critic of him.

After Sir Keir welcomed Alistair Strathern and Tamworth MP Sarah Edwards who won by-elections last Thursday, Mr Sunak replied: “Can I in fact join him in welcoming the new members to their places?

“After all, I suspect the new member for Mid Beds might actually support me a little bit more than the last one.”

As laughter erupted across the Commons chamber, Mr Sunak continued: “Although, I did notice that the new member said that they will be opposing new housing in their local area while the new member for Tamworth claimed that they will protect green spaces.

“I would urge them to have a word with their leader because that’s not exactly his position, although with his track record of u-turns, who knows what his housing policy will be next week.”

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