UKs roughest KFC where bouncers have to check your ID before you can enter

A KFC has become so chaotic and violent that teens must show their ID to get in over the weekend.

Anti-social behaviour at the fast food outlet in Kent's Sittingbourne, Retail Park, Mill Way, has left KFC chiefs taking a zero-tolerance position on unaccompanied under 18s dining on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

In 2019, a Freedom of Information request to police proved locals' suspicions right that police were called to the Sittingbourne branch more than any other in the county.

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No fewer than five crimes were recorded in the vicinity of the deep fried chicken hotspot. They included: robbery, violence, theft and public order offences.

Over the last four years, it appears Sittingbourne has struggled to get a grip on its young troublemakers with the town's high street and retail park hit with a police-issued dispersal order in May and June.

The town's Morrisons also had to install additional CCTV to deal with anti-social youths.

Youths who fail to prove to KFC security that they're over 18, are no longer allowed inside from 4pm of Friday and midday on weekends, following a spate of anti-social behaviour.

There aren't any signs on the doors or windows outlining the new policy but but workers say "there are problems with kids" and one mum claims to have witnessed it.

Mum Kayleigh Trimmings, 34, told Kent Online: “There was a group of kids outside the restaurant just hanging around, not actually going into the restaurant. I didn’t think anything of it as there are always loads of kids in the area.

“My son had walked ahead and went to enter KFC before me as I had the other children. The security guard thought Tyler was on his own and asked for his ID."

Kayleigh says she had to go in with her 17-year-old son Tyler and convince the doorman of their relation before being able to take a seat.

From the inside looking out, the mum-of-five saw a teenage couple being turned away at the door.

A KFC Spokesperson said: “Safety has always been our top priority and we simply do not tolerate any violence towards our guests or team members.

"Our Sittingbourne restaurant has seen some recent behaviour from guests that the Colonel wouldn’t be proud of and so for the time being any under 18’s visiting after 6pm must be accompanied by an adult.”

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A quick glance at the same branch's TripAdvisor reviews and it's clear that in some customers' opinions at least, that the food served is just as questionable as the behaviour of its young clientele.

Its two out of five star rating on the website is the result of dissatisfied customers slamming the tidiness of the restaurant, quality of their food and attitude of staff.

There are some 'excellent' reviews of the place on TripAdvisor, however they tend to be either home delivery customers of a good few years old.

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