Inside best Wetherspoons in UK near picturesque beach that has punters raving

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    Beloved by Brits for its cheap pints and satisfying atmosphere, Wetherspoons has held onto the heart of millions across the country.

    But even budget boozers have their peak, and it would appear the "best" of the bunch is one right next to a picturesque beach delighting locals and tourists alike.

    Pulling pints and serving snacks in the former Princess Cinema, the historic Picture House in Colwyn Bay, Wales, struck a chord with those in the area after Tim Martin's pub chain opened up.

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    Taking stock and serving booze in a building built in 1914, the delightful interior is just a stone's throw away from the beach.

    According to those viewing the pub for themselves, the Picture House is the perfect place for a pint, with the stained glass windows and original décor still in place.

    One TripAdvisor reviewer had high praise for the pub, writing: "Let me start by saying I have visited many Wetherspoons. Doesn't look much from the outside but step in and it's warm, cosy and such an easy place to sit in."

    Another positive review placed the pub as the finest in the country, taking the lofty number one spot on a top five which also included Canary Wharf's The Counting House and Blackpool's The Velvet Coaster.

    Colwyn's beach itself was noted as a great place for surfers and cyclists alike.

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    Changes to the area could prove popular for the pub too, as the area sees itself turning away from the family holiday "heyday" and toward a more vibrant future.

    A spokesperson for Visit Conwy said: "We know that Colwyn Bay had its heyday as a full-on family seaside resort some time ago.

    "But it’s changing as we speak – and today’s visitors are liking what they hear and find."

    Further reviews of the establishment noted the essentials were done with class, with an "always busy" atmosphere delighting some patrons.

    One wrote: "Well all I can say is the place is always busy which is more than I can say for most pubs these days, love the atmosphere in here, food that I've had has always been hot and quickly served, the staff are lovely."

    Another added: "Visited on a very warm and busy Sunday. It was concert day in Colwyn Bay, but as soon as the breakfast rush hour cleared, all tables cleared and cleaned.

    "Ordered a snack with a drink, and was one of the best Wetherspoons meals I have had. Food hot, with crispy chips and the Leffe beer was spot on."

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    Those visiting the pub and writing up their thoughts were left wanting to head back right away, with a reviewer adding they would "definitely return".

    Others agreed with the high praise and noted it was "one of the best" Wetherspoons establishments they had visited.

    The Daily Star previously reported another unique venue change for one of Wetherspoons' pubs, with the chain brand set to take on the location of a former strip club in Camden.

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