Surfer mauled by shark after landing on it in shark capital of the world

A surfer was attacked by a shark off the coast of the beach crowned the “shark capital of the world”.

Brandon Boncore has surfed in the waters of New Smyrma Beach, Florida, hundreds of times without any incident.

The 22-year-old has even come into contact with the beasts several times but has always left the waters unscathed – until now.

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On Monday (July 31), Brandon’s lucky streak ended when one of the sharks decided to clasp its jaws on him.

"I felt it, and I was just like, 'Oh cr*p, not me,'" he told Click Orlando.

He recalled seeing several sharks in the water around him as he prepared to catch his first wave.

According to The Mirror, Brandon added: "In New Smyrma, that's kind of normal.”

But as he began to paddle back to the shore, the monstrous beast sank its teeth into his foot.

He believes he landed on the beast while surfing, accidentally provoking it into attacking him.

"It bit me right in the foot, and I just took my right foot and kicked it off," he said.

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"I jumped on my board and looked back, and the first thing I thought was, 'Oh, thank God. My toe's there."

The shark left a massive gash on his foot, which required several stitches but luckily he is set to make a full recovery.

A paramedic had been swimming next to Boncore, thankfully, and called 911 when they got out of the water and helped him until EMS arrived.

He's set to make a full recovery but needs to stay off his foot for a month. The experience of getting bitten by a shark isn't what you'd think, Boncore said.

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It was just a lot of pressure on his foot, he said and wasn't the intensely painful experience he thought it would be — though it still hurt.

Boncore's bit marked the fourth in Volusia County, Florida, this year. One of the other four was Boncore's friend, Chris Pospisil, who also got bitten at New Smyrma's North Beach just a couple of weeks ago.

Boncore had been there when the attack happened — but it didn't deter him from going back out into the water and enjoying the surf. And neither has his own attack.

Once Boncore recovers, he wants to get back out into the water. He's a college golfer, an avid skater and loves everything to do with the water — and a little nip from a shark isn't going to stop him.

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