Putins body double now ill with fever as Kremlin panics over death rumours

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    The body double of Russia's apparently dead President Vladimir Putin is now very ill, leaving Kremlin officials panicking.

    The double, which has allegedly been in charge of Russia since a Kremlin source claimed the real Putin had died last week, is now suffering from what can only be described as a bad case of man flu. The source, posting once again on the General SVR Telegram channel, claims that this new development has caused chaos inside the Kremlin on the same day that a secret memorial service was set to be held for the real Putin.

    The source said: “The understudy of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who now permanently replaces the deceased head of state, has fallen ill. Nothing critical so far, just snot, cough and fever. The first signs of illness appeared last night, and today his condition has worsened somewhat. The next week should be full of events and meetings with the participation of the 'President', and some of it may have to be cancelled.

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    “Now the double is cherished like the apple of his eye – neither Patrushev nor anyone else in the Russian government has a Plan B if something happens to the backup.” Nikolai Patrushev is Russia's Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, and is thought to be the one pulling the strings of the body double.

    The Kremlin has constantly denied that Putin has been suffering from health issues and is, or could be, dead, and that a body double is being used or even exists – but the source on Telegram continues to claim otherwise. When rumours first surfaced, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov claimed that it was all just an “absurd information canard”

    He said: “This belongs to the category of absurd information hoaxes that a whole series of media discuss with enviable tenacity – this evokes nothing but a smile.”

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    And he later issued a similar second denial days later, but a third denial came yesterday from Peskov, who was attending the opening of a new Russia exhibition at the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy – also known as the VDNKh – which Putin was meant to attend, but his appearance was cancelled earlier this week.

    Peskov, who is the only Kremlin official to openly attempt to quash to the mad rumours, said: “We have only one Putin. Now the ‘experts’ are guessing – there are three or four of them and who we now see every day.”

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