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Record screen

  • There is not a single person who does not use various innovative technologies and the global network today. These things make up our new reality. The Internet has become an integral part of educational, working, and many other processes. In the twenty-first century, most people prefer working and studying remotely. That is a great opportunity. You can complete numerous tasks just from home. What do you need for this? You only need a computer or laptop and stable access to the Internet. Take a screenshot screenshot on mac

Record screen

Sharing information online

  • If you opt for working from home, you have to consider some things. It is necessary to maintain contact with your colleagues all the time, especially if you work as a part of a team. You may have difficulty or even a problem in the process of completing a task. In such a situation you need to share this with your colleagues. How do you do this? Send a video or screenshot. Do you know how to record screen easily? There is a wide range of web-based services for taking screenshots and recording videos. We recommend using our service because it has all the necessary features. See our other functions how to screenshot on mac

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  • We have a paid version with several premium features, but it is also possible to install and work with Fintest Pro for free and without registration. Take screenshots, record videos, edit them by adding shapes, emojis, or text, make notes, and use tools for testing. This is what our extension can offer. Here you will learn how to record screen quickly. In case you have any questions, our operators are available to help you. To capture the screen how to screenshot on ipad

How to convert audio

  • Look how to convert from ogg to mp3 quickly, easily, and for free Select and upload the ogg file you need to transform. Choose mp3 as the required format for conversion. Select encoder, quality, sampling rate, and channel. Click “convert” to start the process of conversion. The ogg file will be converted into mp3 format in less than a minute. Converting has never been easier! Audio conversion service here audio converter