Mum fumes about rats big enough to scare cats living in alleyway

A mum is at her wits end with rats that are big enough to scare her cat roaming the alleyway behind her house.

Deborah Underhill lives on Jermyn Street in Toxteth, Liverpool and says there is a growing pile of rubbish being dumped in the alleyway behind her home where she’s lived for six years.

But despite pleading with the council to clear the alleyway since May the mountain of grime is growing – with supersized rats now taking up residence.

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She claims her fellow residents are dumping the trash that’s giving the vermin a comfortable habitat.

She told The Liverpool Echo: "Someone had dumped three fridges on one side of my gate and on the other side are two sofas.

“I took a walk down the alleyway and I was just horrified.

"There was electrical equipment, kitchen sinks, broken glass, and dog faeces. It is just horrendous.

“We are just giving rats a free home and why would we do that to ourselves?"

Deborah said the gates to the alleyway are locked so it can only be neighbours who are dumping rubbish there.

Deborah, 46, said: "I have had rats in my garden that are so big they scared my cat so it is not great.

“I hear scrambling in my walls so I know we have mice as well.

"I reported this in May and it should have been cleared but nothing has been done so I have had to report it again. It is so frustrating.

“The house next door to me is empty and there is a vermin problem around here and the alleyway perpetuates that. I want to have some pride in the place I live."

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A Liverpool City Council spokesperson said: “Following the initial complaints, one of our Streetscene crews attended the area and removed the white goods from the alleyway, and this resulted in the job being closed.

"We’d like to thank the resident for raising the issue again and apologise for the delay in resolving it.”

Meanwhile a rat "the size of a cat" has been spotted by cleaning workers who were left stumped by the empty bins that housed the beast.

Workers in Possilpark, Glasgow, took a video to show off the massive creatures, one of three terrifying videos which show the beasts in their bin residence.

The city has a concerning growth in rat troubles too, with the three videos showing the sheer size of the huge beasts, GlasgowLive reported.

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