Labour to host anti-Israel event as country invaded by Palestinian militants

Netanyahu tells Israel ‘we are at war’ as Hamas launches attack

The Labour Party conference in Liverpool will host an anti-Israel event as the country is attacked by Palestinian militants slaughtering innocent civilians.

While Sir Keir Starmer has tried to eradicate the anti-semitism which defined the Jeremy Corbyn leadership, Labour Friends of Palestine will hold an event in the main conference centre entitled “What a Labour Government should mean for Palestinian Rights”.

Disturbingly, as the Hamas militants are filmed parading dead Israeli Jews in trucks through the streets to cheering crowds the blurb for the event attacks the “far right government in Israel”.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry also added the militants are going ‘door to door’ murdering innocent civilians. understands that Labour Friends of Israel are being asked to request that the event is cancelled by a senior MP.

Meanwhile, Conservative MPs have demanded that it is shut down.

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Bassetlaw MP Brendan Clarke-Smith, a member of Conservative Friends of Israel, said: “It is truly outrageous, especially given their history of institutional antisemitism, that an event like this is allowed to take place.

“I am amazed that Labour has allowed such inflammatory language to be used in their official programme. Sir Keir Starmer needs to explain why this hasn’t been picked up on and what he intends to do about it.”

Dame Priti Patel, also a leading member of Conservative Friends of Israel, added: “It is self evident that Labour should cancel [the fringe meeting].”

A senior Conservative source pointed out that in just 2019 Starmer and the majority of his shadow ministers were trying to make Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister and denying the anti-semitism rife in the party under his leadership.

Sir Keir has thrown Corbyn out of the parliamtary party and banned him from being a candidate but the senior Tory said his supporters are still influential.

“Corbyn has gone but the thoughts are still very much inside the party still.”

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The blurb for the Labour event states: “Israel’s far right government is driving worsening health and human rights crisis for Palestinians by expanding settlements, deepening annexation and enabling pervasive settler and military violence.”

It asks Labour activists to join them to find out how a Labour government can give Palestinians “a brighter future”.

Sir Keir today Tweeted to condemned the Palestinian terrorist attacked.

He said: “I utterly condemn the ongoing attacks on Israel and her citizens. There is no justification for this act of terror which is being perpetrated by those who seek to undermine any chance for future peace in the region. Israel has a right to defend herself.”

At least 198 people have died and more than 1,000 injured after the group launched a surprise attack this morning.

Israel has mobilised its military in response and launched a counter attack on Palestinian territory to defend its country.

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