Massive golden-doodle dog is recruited by police after earning millions

A golden-doodle dog has just been recruited by police after earning millions and gaining a base of dedicated followers.

Owner Cliff Brush, 33, started posting social media videos of his four-year-old dog, Brodie, in 2020. The pair racked up a whopping $1million (ยฃ788,084) from their cute viral videos this year alone.

Brodie currently has more than 6million followers on TikTok and has appeared on TV shows. However, he is now venturing into a new career in law enforcement.

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The 80lb pooch joined Miami Beach Police Department's K-9 Unit as its first honorary member earlier this week. He got a guard of honour, a new uniform and a police escort on Thursday as he was introduced into the force.

His first official duty came on Saturday when he led Operation Save Christmas – riding along with officers to deliver toys to more than 400 children for the festive period. This is not his first charitable favour, having visited hospitals for social media before.

Since he started posting videos of Brodie, Cliff has quit his job as an accountant to become a full time content creator. His dog has since travelled the world, appeared on TV and even flown first class in a plane.

Jennifer Aniston and Ryan Reynolds are among several online fans, but Cliff thinks his latest role in the police is one of his biggest yet.

Cliff said: "We do a lot of crazy, fun things. It's a full time job. We got to go down to Miami Beach Police Department and Brodie was sworn in as an officer. The canine units were in attendance and we got a police escort.โ€

He is Cliff's official service dog, meaning he is granted special access to public places and can help Cliff when he is feeling stressed. Cliff explained: "I have an autoimmune condition called lichen planus. I was born with it but it snuck up on me five years ago.

"It's when the immune system treats the skin as a foreign body and attacks it. We found that stress is a big factor but ever since I've had Brodie, I don't have flare-ups. He's allowed on planes because he's my service animal and as long as he's with me he's comfortable.

"We get a first class seat just for him. He's a big dog and if we're flying economy he needs a whole row otherwise he won't fit.โ€

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