Bloke stumped as fish with ‘human teeth’ becomes record-breaking catch

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    A bloke was left disturbed and shocked to find a fish with a mouthful of "human teeth", with the massive beast turning out to be a record breaker.

    Brian Summerlin, 38, had been fishing in Tangier Sound off the US state of Maryland when he found a fish he never believed he would lay his eyes on. The eerie fish had not nabbed a pair of dentures but flashed a smile with its strange genetic turn.

    A sheepshead fish, which are tough to catch and notorious for stealing fishermen's bait, found itself snagged on Brian's line. He may wish he had not spotted the beast though, as it left his daughter wanting to "keep the teeth" for the tooth fairy.

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    The fisherman has since credited the "amazing fish" with being a unique find. He explained how a pal helped him snag the strange beast while on a fishing trip.

    Brian said: "They’re amazing fish that have adapted to the food they eat. They have front teeth that can bite off barnacles from any underwater structure. They also have molar-like teeth on the top and bottom of their mouths to crush crustaceans.

    "My daughter wants to keep the teeth to put under her pillow for the tooth fairy because they look just like human teeth. Sheepshead are a really hard-fighting fish. They want to go back to the bottom – often times you can lose them, because they want to go to a structure on the bottom where your line can be cut.

    "Luckily my friend, Kris, told me to back down on the drag so the fish wouldn’t pop the line. A few times it was pulling around 25lb of drag under the boat, so it was a little stressful." Mr Summerlin has since been credited with catching a record-breaking fish.

    The staggering 16.6lb fish Brian caught on his trip smashed the previously set record of an August 2020 Maryland catch, which weighed in at 14.1lb. The fish was weighed following the catch at Kool Ice and Seafood.

    A record-breaking catch has left Brian "pretty excited". He added: "I always knew there was a possibility to break the record. My family also enjoyed eating the fish. Sheepshead is one of my family’s favorite fish to eat."

    Fellow fisherman Todd Elder has smashed a record at Chesapeake Bay when he caught a 17.4lb sheepshead while spearfishing, a record confirmed by the International Underwater Spearfishing Association.

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