Hero woman who saved entire kibbutz hailed for leading fightback against Hamas

A young Israeli woman has been singled out for heroism after leading Kibbutz residents in a last-ditch defence against rampaging Hamas terrorists.

Inbar Lieberman, 25, the head of security for kibbutz Nir Am managed to fend off Hamas assaults and kill many of the attackers.

Lieberman handed out weapons to residents recruiting 12 people to form a force to defend the settlement. 

The 25-year-old is reported to have killed five fighters herself leading to a call for the woman to be given the Israel Prize.

Nir Am sits only a mile from Gaza, and like surrounding settlements, came under heavy assault from armed terrorists on Saturday, October 7.  

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According to the Israeli newspaper Maariv Daily calls for Lieberman to be honoured are already growing on social media.

One post declared: “The story of her heroism is a story that will go down in Israeli lore for generations.

“Inbal is the reason there is one kibbutz in the entire surrounding area that remains unharmed — Nir Am.”

Hamas terrorists launched a surprise attack on Israel on Saturday, October 7 breaking through the Gaza border fence and attacking checkpoints.

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Heavily-armed Hamas fighters stormed bases on the Israeli army killing scores of soldiers and taking others captive.

Next Hamas turned to the communities near the border striking with no warning and shooting people on sight in the streets and in homes.

In revenge, the Israeli military has begun bombarding the Gaza Strip with rockers and artillery sending the civilian death toll in the Palestinian enclave soaring.

By Tuesday, Israel said it had recaptured the border crossing with Gaza.

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