Headless mans naked body found slumped in a bathtub at love hotel

Japanese police have arrested a doctor and his daughter after a headless man was found in a room at the infamous “love hotel”.

A hotel worker made the horror discovery three weeks ago after Hitoshi Ura, 62, did not check out of his second floor room by the afternoon.

After inspecting his room, Ura’s naked, decapitated corpse was found slumped in the bathtub.

An autopsy on Ura’s mutilated body found his cause of death was haemorrhagic shock as a result of blood loss from stab wounds.

His head had been sawn off with a blade, and then taken from the scene.

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None of his belongings had been left in the room and the bed appeared unused.

Ura’s panic-stricken wife had reported him missing on the same day.

Runa Tamura, 29, and her father Osamu Tamura, a 59-year-old psychiatrist have now been arrested on suspicion of conspiring to behead the victim at a hotel room and relocating his severed head in the middle of the night between July 1 and July 2.

A day after the arrest, Police raided the suspects’ home and arrested the prime suspect’s mother Hiroko Tamura, a 60-year-old part-time worker, on suspicion of conspiring with her family in transporting and keeping the head at home.

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Ura’s head is still missing three weeks on from the gruesome discovery.

Police did not say exactly how the daughter and the father collaborated.

Police are still investigating the motive and refused to say if the woman and the victim knew each other.

Police also noted that Runa is a possible mental patient. Neighbours claim she has had difficulty attending school and has been reclusive since childhood.

Kyodo News reported the victim and another individual believed to be Tamura checked into the hotel in the Susukino area known for short-stay “love hotels”, where guests are given privacy to engage in intimate activities.

About three hours later only one of them was seen leaving, carrying a large suitcase.

The person accompanying the victim was wearing light-coloured women’s clothing and a wide-brimmed hat when entering the hotel but was dressed in black when leaving, Kyodo said, quoting unnamed investigative sources.

Love hotels are typically found in a popular night entertainment district in Japan’s northern city of Sapporo.

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