Hawk drops snake on woman โ€“ reptile attacks her then the bird of prey does too

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    A woman has been left with horrifying injuries after she was viciously attacked by a snake and a hawk at the same time.

    Peggy Jones was mowing the lawn of her Texas, US, home when a passing hawk propped a snake on her.

    The serpent wrapped itself around her arm and began attacking her, while at the same time the hawk swooped down ready to reclaim its lost meal.

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    Once the bird of pray reached her it sank its talons deep into the flesh of her arm, while the snake struck at her face. She has been left with bruises and wounds in both areas.

    The bizarre incident took place on July 25 in the town of Silsbee, Texas, near the Louisiana border, as reported by the BBC.

    She told the publication: "As I was trying to sling my arm and sling the snake off, the snake wrapped around my arm.

    "The snake was striking in my face, it struck my glasses a couple of times… I was slinging and slinging, he was striking and striking, and he just kept hanging on."

    Since she was in an open area away from trees she assumed it was a passing bird who had dropped the snake, and her suspicions were quickly confirmed.

    "Then the hawk appeared just as fast as the snake appeared," Jones said.


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    "The hawk grabbed the snake that was wrapped around my arm and pulled it like he was going to carry it away. And when he did, it flung my arm up. The hawk was carrying my arm and the snake with it."

    The hawk struggled to remove the snake from her body, stabbing her with its talons repeatedly as it attempted to snatch back its food.

    Once the terrifying ordeal was over her husband, who had witnessed the attack, drove Jones to the hospital.

    "There were puncture wounds, cuts, abrasions, scratches and severe bruising," she said, adding that the snake's attacks on her face damaged her glasses.


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    Jones described the attack as severely traumatic, adding that she thought she was going to die and has had trouble sleeping since it happened.

    She told CBS that living in rural Texas, she is no stranger to wildlife encounters.

    "I've actually seen a hawk pick up a snake. That's something they do, that's how they kill their prey," she said.

    But now, she says, it's something that she will always keep in mind.

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