Hamas terrorists drag mum and young sons from home in cruel abduction

Heartbreaking moment Israeli mum and sons are abducted

A harrowing video shows the moment an Israeli mother and her two young sons are dragged away from their home by Hamas terrorists.

The woman can be seen looking terrified and sobbing as she holds her young children while being taken away.

Her husband is nowhere to be seen in the video, in which an onlooker can be heard screaming: “She has a baby”.

The clip of the kidnapping of the 30-year-old woman, named Shiri Silberman-Bibas, emerged on social media a few days after Hamas invaders stormed her home.

She was hiding in a safe room in her house in the Kibbutz Nir Oz settlement, near the Gaza border, alongside her husband Yarden, their nine-month-old Kfir and three-year-old Ariel, as the terrorist group was going on a rampage across southern Israel.

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The husband of the 30-year-old mother only had a small pistol to try and defend his household.

Fearing for the worst, Yarden reportedly texted his relatives he loved them as the terrorists fired semi-automatic weapons outside their window.

Minutes later, he sent one last chilling text, reading: “They are coming in”.

No news of the family, including Ms Silberman-Bibas’s parents, has emerged since.

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Pictures of Ms Silberman-Bibas crying were held up on placards by people showing their support for Israel in a march held this week outside Downing Street.

The young mother and her family are just some of those who have been kidnapped by Hamas since Saturday.

Another gut-wrenching video that emerged on Sunday shows 25-year-old student Noa Argamani being taken away by Hamas militants on a motorbike while her boyfriend looked on helplessly.

Many of the captives are believed to have been brought to the Gaza Strip, and Hamas has threatened to kill one of them every time an Israeli air strike hit a Palestinian home without prior warning.

Al-Qassam spokesman Abu Obeida said: “Every targeting of our people without warning will be met with the execution of a civilian hostage.

“We decided to put an end to the fascist Zionist crime against our people. We hold the enemy responsible for this decision before the world, and the ball is in his court.”

Audio and video of executions of civilian hostages, he added, will be broadcast.

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