Inside ex-Ikea turned into huge nightclub with violence vibes and no bog roll

London’s newest and biggest nightclub is a massive former Ikea superstore turned into a cavernous dancing cathedral in the shadow of Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

With an astonishing 15,000 capacity, Drumsheds has landed in North London to the delight of the city’s clubbing scene. The latest edition from the team behind the beloved Printworks, this massive venue is thought to be one of the largest of its kind in the world.

In its own words, “Drumsheds does things a little bit differently, and in an unashamedly massive way. Hybrid, multi-level, multi-room, set in a disused industrial warehouse in North London”.

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The capital’s ravers have been getting excited about the new venue for some time but questions have been raised about how much fun a person can really have in a former Ikea. According to theGuardianSimeon Aldred, co-founder of venue operator Broadwick Live, said, “We’re about safety, safety, safety… Yes, it might take 40 minutes to get through the search, but once you’re in you feel safer.”

That appears to be the case with one reveller who was in attendance on opening night “LA DISCOTHÈQUE”, Sassy Page-Morris, saying: “There was security everywhere,” at one point even musing that there might have been “more security than [punters]”.

Excitement levels around Drumsheds are high with their previous club Printworks, set in an old newspaper printing press in Rotherhithe, remembered with huge adoration and lost with broken hearts after it closed earlier this year.

Drumsheds, situated in Tottenham close to the Spurs stadium, ceased to be an Ikea in 2022 but the building’s past life hasn’t put people flocking to one of the upcoming events. Huge acts like Hot Chip, David Roddigan, Sugarbabes, Bicep and Skepta all set to headline in the coming weeks.

However, as is to be expected, the sprawling new venue has come with what Sassy described as “teething issues”

“There were a lot of teething issues,” she said. “They only sold half the tickets which was a shame for the opening night and because of the size of the rooms, it felt quite empty. The music quality was good, but only near the front and felt like they turned it right down come 8pm, which was quite odd considering they are based right in the middle of an industrial estate so wouldn’t think there would be any noise pollution worries.

“There was security everywhere, which kind of ruined the vibe as felt on watch the entire time. There was also only one free water tap which when it got packed caused huge queues and your only other option was to buy a £3.50 can of water as you weren’t allowed to bring bottles in.”

But despite these problems, Sassy and many others have come forward and said they had a good time.

Writing on the ticket sale site Skiddle’s review page, hordes of four and five-star reviews have poured in. Although many flag issues similar to Sassy all seem excited about this new larger-than-life addition to the capital.

One wrote: “Drumsheds is a great venue, I am looking forward to the next event!”

“The music was so good. The prices are too high though. And portaloos need checking to keep loo roll in. But I loved it and would definitely go back,” added another.

It seems the heavy security came in handy for one reveller who said: "5/5 prices according to the occasion and atmosphere, some people were somewhat violent for being partying, nothing escalated because we found security staff easily."

One person, clearly still buzzing, wrote: “100% awesome. And indoors due to technical issue! hot sweaty dark rammed, oh boy it was fabulous. I literally cannot fault anything”.

The Daily Star has contacted Broadwick Live for further comment.

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