World’s loneliest sheep rescued from rock after 2 years – and haircut booked

A sheep stranded alone on a beach for two years has been dramatically rescued – and booked in for a haircut.

The hapless ewe, dubbed Woolly, was labelled “the loneliest sheep in the world” after we told how she had been marooned under a cliff since 2021. But after the Daily Star backed a campaign to save her, sheep farmer Cammy Wilson and his pals sprang into action yesterday.

Despite perilous conditions, two of them used a winch to lower the others 820ft down to reach the ewe, then slowly lifted her to safety. Woolly was last night resting, and due to have her overgrown fleece sheared today.

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Cammy told the Daily Star Sunday: “The reason she was stuck for so long is because it was so dangerous. You needed five idiots, and that was us.” He was joined in the rescue by pals Graeme Parker, Als Couzens, Ally Williamson and James Parker.

The group launched their mercy mission in the early hours of yesterday and managed to corner her in the cave where she had been sheltering. Cammy said: “We didn’t know what she would be like, but she was the most relaxed sheep I’ve come across in 33 years of doing this. She was so calm and content, and happy to be rescued.”

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They have now renamed her Fiona. The mission was overseen by the Scottish SPCA, who said they were “delighted”. A spokesman added: “Our inspector examined her. Thankfully the sheep is in good bodily condition.”

A petition calling for a rescue had gathered 54,000 signatures. It reads: “We want to raise funds for professional animal rescuers who have the skills and resources necessary for such a challenging operation.” We revealed how the British Hovercraft Company has offered to rescue Woolly.

A GoFundMe page to raise the cash to pay for the mission was, earlier this week, almost halfway to its £2,000 goal.

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