Womans heart-wrenching 8-word phone call to mum as 13 dead in nightclub fire

A horrifying inferno ripped through the heart of Murcia, Spain, in the early hours of Sunday morning, claiming the lives of 13 people and leaving several others severely injured at the iconic Teatre nightclub.

The bustling venue turned into a nightmarish scene as flames devoured the establishment, leaving the community in shock and mourning.

Eyewitnesses reported the fire’s eruption around 6 am, with swift and overwhelming destruction following suit, consuming the popular nightclub.

Spain’s state news agency EFE documented the tragedy, capturing the desperate attempts of firefighters battling the fierce blaze.

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Amidst the pandemonium, a heart-wrenching voice message sent by a 28-year-old woman to her mother emerged, encapsulating the terror inside. “Mummy, I love you, we’re going to die,” she said.

The woman, out for a night of revelry with her partner and friends from Caravaca de la Cruz, remains unaccounted for, intensifying the anguish of her family.

“She went because Caravaca doesn’t have any nightclubs,” revealed the woman’s distressed father, Jairo, to La Verdad de Murcia newspaper. “It was only her second time attending.”

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As the community grapples with the tragedy, authorities are tirelessly investigating the cause of the blaze, aiming to bring clarity to the horrifying incident that has left the region in mourning.

Dramatic footage shared by Murcia’s fire service illustrated the courage of firefighters battling the flames, while police and emergency services worked diligently to secure the nightclub’s premises and identify the victims.

The city council declared three days of mourning. Flags across public buildings were lowered to half-staff, underscoring the collective sorrow that has befallen Murcia in the wake of this devastating tragedy.

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