Woman orders £175 lobster at restaurant and releases it back into the sea

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    A woman left diners stunned after she ordered £175 lobster at a swanky restaurant only to release it back into the sea.

    The unidentified woman had visited Gente di Mare, a seafood restaurant, in Golfo Aranci, Sardinia, Italy with her husband when she ordered the Catalan-style lobster with linguine. Antonio Fasolino, who co-owns the renowned eatery with his brother, Gianluca, had taken the lobster from the tank, and weighed it in the kitchen.

    He then told the couple the weight, almost two kilograms, and the price, 200€ (£175). The live lobster was then taken in a transparent bucket and placed next to the couple’s table.

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    But before the live crustacean could be cooked by chefs — the Swiss customer asked if it could “get hurt” if released from a height. After being reassured by those present that it wouldn’t, she gently dropped it through a metal railing.

    Her husband and another person filmed the incident, which is now circulating online. The lobster is said to have swam away as soon as it touched the water, local media reports.

    Other diners and the restaurant staff were left stunned by the bizzare event as they "thought she was joking". However, Antonio claims he felt moved by her "good deed."

    Speaking to local media, Antonio said: “At first, I thought she was joking. Then, I understood that the lady was serious and wanted to do a good deed.

    "Seeing her joy and excitement, I was moved, too. She was very happy and thrilled to have been able to fulfil this wish, and we were happy with her.”

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    The news comes after an animal activist has hit out at a restaurant boss after he banned vegans for "mental health reasons".

    Vegan Booty, real name Tash Peterson, said the move by celebrity chef John Mountain to ban plant-based patrons from his eatery Fyre in Perth, Australia, was "discriminatory". But Mountain, whose culinary specialties include fillet steaks and seafood, said the decision was "the best marketing that's ever happened" to his restaurant.

    Posting on the restaurant's Facebook page on Wednesday (June 20), Mountain wrote: "Sadly all vegans are now banned from Fyre (for mental health reasons). We thank you for your understanding."

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