Wild lion on loose in Berlin could be fake despite 220 cops and armoured cars

An “escaped lioness” that has sparked a massive hunt might not be real, some experts think.

Parts of southern Berlin and Brandenburg have been in lockdown since footage emerged that appeared to show a big cat “tearing down” a wild boar.

Since then, German authorities have been on overdrive to find the apex predator, with some 220 police officers in action and even an armoured car called “Survivor”.

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But for all the furore, no trace has since emerged of the phantom feline, the hunt of which has been centred in the municipality of Kleinmachnow where open-air concerts are being moved indoors and even historic tank monuments are being searched.

But as the frenzy continues to whip itself up, some are a little more hesitant to even acknowledge that the lion is real at all.

Rainer Altenkamp, first chairman of the Berlin Nature Conservation Union (NABU) is of a mind to think that what has been seen is actually a wild boar, which are native to the area.

Speaking toBILD, he said: "Even the short, hanging tail with a tassel that is about ten centimetres long and loosely hairy rules out a lioness. The other recognizable features, for example, the round back and the elongated head, fit very well with a wild boar and speak against a predator.”

He added that in the infamous video, the beast can be seen scratching on the ground – a classic move for boars.

He added: "The entire behaviour is completely typical for wild boars in urban areas”.

Scepticism about the existence of the lion has also been echoed by Berlin-based wildlife expert Derk Ehlert.

He told RBB Inforadio that he can only see two boars running across the screen in the video and a lack of evidence since makes him feel suspicious.

He added: "But of course, I believe the witnesses, the colleagues from the police in Berlin, who actually saw such an animal”.

He added: "Basically, a lion can't just be gone, neither can a lioness. It leaves traces.

"It is very striking that at the point where the animal was seen and filmed, not even a footprint can be seen."

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