What a huge £201million EuroMillions jackpot can get you if youre not boring

Europe is holding its breath as it counts down to a whopping £201million EuroMillions jackpot draw.

The massive jackpot would be the biggest ever if scooped up by a single winner topping the monstrous current record of £195m won by an anonymous couple in 2022. So huge are these numbers that they barely compute with the majority of people.

If you had a mile of road for every pound in that jackpot you could build a motorway to Mars at its shortest distance there and back almost three times over. All well and good, but how about some useful, practical statistics? Like what could you do with all that money if you were holding the golden ticket?

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Naturally, our attention turns to the Premier League and clubs you could buy with your newfound wealth. According to TransferMarkt, the winner of the jackpot could buy the entire squads of either Luton Town, Sheffield United or Burnley. In fact, if you were so inclined you could probably buy the entire squads of both Sheffield United and Luton based on their transfer values and organise a kickabout between them in your local park. They might not be best pleased, mind.

On football, what if you wanted to buy the services of the best? Well, for that money you could hire Lionel Messi for around four years, based on his current salary according to Forbes. You could maybe get him to do keepy-uppies in the garden. Again, we’re not sure what he’d have to say about it.

What about a bit of hardwear? Well with your newfound wealth, you could bag yourself 58 M1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks, the pride of the US military. That number would sadly shrink down to more like 25 after you factor in upkeep and personnel training, although that’s only six fewer than the US sent to Ukraine to fight against Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

What about if you’ve got places to be? Well fear not, because this hunk of wonga can buy you two Boeing 737-800s. If you wanted to play it smart, you could just buy one jet and get Lionel Messi to do keepy-uppies on that for two years.

Or, if you have no imagination, we suppose you could get yourself a Ferrari and a mansion, your choice.

Tonight's EuroMillions draw is at around 8:15 pm and costs £2.50 per entry.

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