Tourist dies after plunging 764ft off a tower on worlds biggest bungee jump

A tourist has died after strapping himself in for the world's biggest bungee jump.

The unnamed 56-year-old had jumped off the Macau Tower on the south coast of China, participating in the 764ft plunge which tourists from across the globe take.

But the Japanese man's attempt, which was taken around 4.30pm on December 3, ended horribly as he suffered a shortness of breath after the jump. He was reportedly taken to the Conde S. Januário Hospital though was pronounced dead later that day.

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Skypark by AJ Hackett, the bungee jump organisers, has confirmed an investigation into the death has been opened, The Mirror reported.

Those hoping to take part in the bungee jump at the tower, where a number of adrenalin-pumping activities are carried out under the AJ Hackett banner, are asked to disclose any medical conditions beforehand.

High blood pressure, previous surgeries, diabetes and heart disease are all notable medical problems which may prevent a tower jump. The 338m high tower holds a bungee platform at 233m in the air.

But a bout of shortness of breath for the unnamed bloke followed on from his attempted jump, and he was later pronounced dead in hospital.

Solo participants of the jump can expect to pay around £282 to jump from the tower modelled after the Skytower in Auckland, New Zealand. Said jump lasts around four to five seconds before the cord pulls the participant back up and away from the ground.

Few injuries or issues have been reported at the site of the AJ Hackett jumping spot. Only one previous incident in the last few years has come to light, with Far and Wide reporting a 2018 incident where a man was injured during a jump.

The unnamed individual was left stranded for an hour in the low temperatures after a security system for the jump began too soon, causing him to become stranded and leaving him with a bout of mild hypothermia.

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