Russian tank obliterated Ukraine drone in devastating strike

Turret of a Russian tank near Robotyne is sent flying by a drone strike

The moment a Russian tank was obliterated by a Ukrainian strike has been shared online.

A Russian T-90M tank erupted in flames after a loitering munition fired by Ukraine came hurling into it.

The devastating attack reportedly detonated ammunition onboard and destroyed a turret on the Russian war vehicle that was driving slowly through Kherson Oblast.

In a clip of the incident shared on X (formerly Twitter) by @UAWeapons, the FPV loitering munition can be seen quickly swooping towards the Russian tank.

The camera cuts out just before impact is made but later pans out from a different angle to show the vehicle exploding.

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A massive ball of fire erupts from the tank and giant plumes of smoke fill the sky.

@UAWeapons wrote in the caption: “A Russian T-90M tank with ‘special’ sandbag addon armour was hit by a FPV loitering munition of the Ukrainian 11th National Guard Brigade East of Oleshky, #Kherson Oblast- leading to the detonation of ammunition onboard and a turret toss.”

Earlier this year, a captured T-90 was assessed by Western experts in a move likely helping to expose its key weaknesses and secret systems on Russia’s most advanced operational tank.

The vehicle had allegedly been abandoned on the frontline and was found in near-perfect condition with just one track missing.

A security source told The National: “It is in a lab being disassembled with tech reports sent back to the US and the UK for exploitation.”

The tank was reportedly fitted with so-called Nakidka radar-absorbent material (RAM), which supposedly helps defend the vehicle against guided weapons that use thermal imaging to lock onto a target.

The T-90 has an alleged top speed of around 59 kilometers on-road and 45 kilometres per hour off-road.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has called for shipments of foreign tanks to help drive back Vladimir Putin’s troops in its slow-moving counteroffensive.

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The UK has sent Kyiv Challenger 2 tanks while Germany has sentits Leopard 2 vehicles.

This helped Ukraine’s troops kick off its campaign to re-take Russian-occupied territory in Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk Oblasts in early June and eventually break through Russia’s first line of defence.

According to Forbes, Ukraine’s 33rd and 47th Brigades fought alongside one another. The 33rd Brigade began with a huge consignment of around three dozen Leopard 2A4 tanks in its arsenal.

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