Putin humiliated as strength of Russian army questioned on live TV

Moment Ukraine bomb obliterates Russian command post

Everything is not ok in Russia as even the leading supporters of Vladimir Putin seem unable to agree between themselves over their Ukrainian strategy.

A daily propaganda show on the main Russian broadcaster degenerated into a squabble between host Vladimir Solovyov and guest Andrey Sidorov after he questioned the strength of their military.

Solovyov, a vocal supporter of Putin, has repeatedly voiced his support for the use of nuclear weapons to secure victory in Ukraine.

But his latest pro-nuclear argument was met with resistance from Sidorov, who was left wondering whether Russia can even win with conventional weapons after all.

The Russian presenter insisted Moscow should green-light the use of nuclear as soon as Ukraine’s partners deliver a new batch of F-16s.

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He said: “Why are we still dancing around? I think we should strike. As soon as they officially deliver, we conduct a strike with tactical nuclear weapons.

“They’re convinced we won’t do it. This is why it should be done.”

But rather than approving his statement, the Moscow State University academic said he only approved of nuclear weapons “as long as they aren’t used”.

Solovyov appeared stunned by the comment and asked, “then what are they for? Keep them at home?’, to which Sidorov simply answered: “Yes.”

The academic argued it would be counterproductive for Moscow to deploy nuclear weapons in Ukraine as the weapons would harm what the Kremlin effectively views as its own territory.

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In a translation from Russia Media Monitor founder Julia Davis, Sidorov said: “The first question is, where to use [a nuclear weapon]—in Ukraine? If these are Western Russian lands, would we be striking our own? Ruining our own territories.”

The argument had Solovyov erupt at his guest and calling him a “pacifist in disguise”, claiming that nuclear would “work wonderfully in Ukraine” as Kyiv is not viewed as an official ally of the US.

But the counterpoint only had Sidorov shutting the host down: “For God’s sake, this is our territory!

“When we discuss using nuclear weapons, I start to question: is our army unable to win using conventional weapons? It can only do it with nuclear weapons?”

The threat of nuclear has been ever-present since days after Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

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Less than a week after military operations started, the Russian leader put his nuclear arsenal on high alert.

Russia has been repeatedly accused of trying to justify the deployment of nuclear weapons in Ukraine through false flag attacks.

Putin’s men have also sparked concerns about turning Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, Zaporizhzhia, into a weapon by mining its surroundings.

Only last month, the chief of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported that Russian troops had placed explosive mines very close to the power plant.

Rafael Mariano Grossi said: “Having such explosives on the site is inconsistent with the IAEA safety standards and nuclear security guidance and creates additional psychological pressure on plant staff.”

The nuclear watchdog had reported the presence of explosives near Zaporizhzhia the previous month as well.

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