Prince Andrew met Epstein while he was on house arrest, court documents claim

Prince Andrew’s claim that he hadn’t seen Jeffrey Epstein while the disgraced financier was under house arrest appears to have been contradicted by emails produced in court documents suggesting the royal visited him in June 2010.

Legal papers reveal that during the period Epstein was under house arrest at his in Florida home he had emailed a banker friend to tell him: “Andrew just sat next to me at dinner.”

That’s at odds with the Prince’s own account of his friendship with the sex offender. In his controversial Newsnight interview, he told Emily Maitlis he had almost completely cut contact with Epstein after learning of his offences, only visiting one last time in 2010 in order to say his final goodbyes.

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Andrew told the BBC journalist: “I ceased contact with him after I was aware that he was under investigation, and that was later in 2006, and I wasn’t in touch with him again until 2010.”

When the she asked him to confirm: “So, no contact?” Andrew responded: “No contact.”

Asking about the Duke’s New York visit Epstein in December 2010, Maitlis said: “Was that the only time you saw him after he was convicted?”

Andrew replied: “Yes, yeah.” Pressing him further, she asked: “Did you see him or speak to him again?” The Duke replied “No”. Maitlis: “Never since then?” Prince: “No.”

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But Epstein had sent an email to JP Morgan CEO Jes Staley on June 14,which appears to contradict the Prince’s account.

In it he claimed he had lunch with the Prince and they had kept in touch, adding: “Andrew just sat next to me at dinner. We will try to connect this week. Any word on M? This is fun.”

It’s unclear who or what M might have been.

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One victim of the paedophile tycoon told the Mirror: “Andrew’s story of why he saw Jeffrey after his sentence was served was always dubious.

“But other than being accused of abusing Virginia [Giuffre], this is the most damning allegation yet. Evidence shows Andrew visited Jeff while serving his sentence under house arrest.

“The Prince must have thought his secrets were safe after Jeffrey died, but now he is being haunted from beyond the grave. The Feds should listen.”

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Spencer Kuvin, an attorney for three of Epstein’s victims, added: “As an advocate for the victims of Epstein, I am deeply disgusted by the behaviour of Andrew.

“His actions have shown a complete disregard for the victims and a complete lack of decency.

“His actions have brought a embarrassment upon the royals.

“The King should seek to distance himself further from his brother.”

The Daily Star has approached representatives of the Duke of York for comment.

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