Nervous Harry has no favours from Netflix as body language expert spots sign

A "nervous" Prince Harry featured in a recent Netflix documentary, and one key sign of his disposition was spotted by a body language expert.

The Duke of Sussex appeared to suffer from a "sensory overload" during an appearance in the Invictus Games Netflix documentary helmed by Archewell Productions.

Harry's insecurities were spotted on camera and explained by body language expert Chris Pardoe, who alleges the Duke was "genuine" in his appearance but could not prevent his nerves from manifesting.

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The "highly stressed" Duke made a series of appearances in the Heart of Invictus documentary, which saw the Prince and Meghan Markle attending the games put on for injured servicemen.

Speaking to the Daily Star, expert Pardoe said the strange warm-up of Prince Harry could be due to his nervous state.

The Duke, who was "rocking from side to side" indicated he was "highly stressed", and according to body language pro Pardoe, Harry's strange warm-up was an attempt to calm himself down.

Expert Pardoe said: "Massive number of endorphins and sensory overload so heโ€™s rocking to calm his nervous system."

Scenes of the Duke prior to this warm-up showed him in a state of "feeling insecure" as he adjusted his clothes and provided some "nervous laughter" as a way to "comfort himself".

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Despite the nervous nature of the Duke, it brings out the best in him according to Pardoe, who said: "I think overall throughout this and the original clip he is very genuine โ€“ wants to do best for the Invictus Games and is feeling anxious and nervous."

Perhaps pressured by needing to be in fine form for the event, the Duke showed signs of his nerves manifesting.

Expert Pardoe pointed out the exact moment, saying: "You can see the nerves manifest when he stands up to give the speech."

He also noted the "pacing into the room before the door is shut" was a sign of an anxious mind, which the Duke had displayed during his time at the Games.

Unfortunately for the Duke, it would appear Netflix has done him no favours, with Pardoe adding: "The problem with a lot of these documentaries is that you donโ€™t get the whole context and there is no concept of the timings involved."

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