Moment experts probing death of Egypt shark attack death make grim discovery

Experts Probing Death Of Egypt Shark Victim Elisabeth Sauer Make Shocking Discovery

Researchers investigating the gruesome death of a tourist killed by a shark made a shocking discovery just days after the incident. After Elisabeth Sauer was killed while out snorkelling in shallow waters a team of divers were sent to investigate the 68-year-old’s death. Shockingly they discovered the remains of another woman, Roxana Donisan just a few hundred metres away. Unlike Ms Sauer’s death, there were no witnesses to Ms Donisan’s attack.

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The team of divers searched the water surrounding the resort for three days when they found mutilated remains of 44-year-old Ms Donisan who had been missing for less than a day.

Investigators said the remains had been “in the water for some time” and it appeared the shark had returned to her body “on an unknown number of occasions to remove more portions of her in feeding”.

Following the event last summer Ralph Collier from the Shark Research Institute said: “Now they had a big jigsaw puzzle they had to put together. This was a feeding event.”

Shark attacks in the Red Sea are not unheard of.

In 2020 a boy has part of his arm bitten off by a shark in the Red Sea close to Sharm El-Sheikh while a man who was with him lost his leg.

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Both Ms Sauer and Ms Donisan were killed off the coast of Sahl Hasheesh, a bay located around six miles from Hurghada International Airport.

Following their deaths the beach was closed for several days whilst authorities carried out their investigation.

Hundreds of holiday markers witnessed the brutal attack on Ms Sauer who reportedly told her partner she was going back into the water “for a moment” before she was killed.

Eyewitnesses reported some tourists tried to help the Austrian woman while others attempted to “distract the shark” from the pier.

Ms Sauer was eventually pulled from the water and taken into an ambulance where she died from her injuries.

The cause of death was listed as “painful shock”, probably the result of a heart attack.

An unnamed Russian tourist who filmed the first clip also shared a new video showing where the second had happened.

He said: “This is a small lagoon where we saw the shark for the first time. And we didn’t realise it was a shark.

“The attack I filmed earlier was here. And the body of the second woman was pulled out approximately here.”

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