Missing Brit blokes wife fears he may have vanished in holiday island sinkhole

David Wolstenhulme disappeared on Friday, June 25 2021 while he was on holiday on the Greek island of Serifos with his wife Heide.

The 69-year-old Yorkshireman set off for a walk on the island’s scenic paths, equipped for a morning’s hike. He said he’d return to the hotel at around 5pm but he has never been seen since.

Two years on, Heide is still looking for answers: "It's two years now since Dave disappeared and nobody can find anything at all”.

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She fears that the ground could have literally swallowed him up – "I just can't understand where he was going. I have this awful feeling that he's gone through the ground because there are some old mines in the area”.

Despite a thorough search by local police, no trace of David has ever been found. His mobile phone was last pinged in a location not far from the start of his walk, in Agios Panteleimonas, less than half an hour’s drive from the hotel.

Heide says that in itself is a mystery: “It's not really the area where David was headed so I'm not sure how far from that village the signal was."

"I would just like to appeal to the authorities to have another search concentrating on the area where his phone was last in signal," she said.

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She told police that there was no chance that David would have disappeared intentionally: "Leading up to our holiday, our relationship was as it had always been, stable, loving and secure.

"I dearly love David and I know that he loves me too, we have a fantastic relationship and marriage and we were both very satisfied with our lives."

Because David is still considered a missing person, he has not been declared dead.

That is an additional problem for Heide, who can’t access David's pension account because no death certificate has ever been issued.

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