Met Office flood warning as six days of thundery downpours to batter Britain

Met Office weather forecasters have warned “heavy and thundery showers” will dominate during the first few days of August as Atlantic mobility unsettles conditions over the UK.

The agency has released its latest predictions for the week ahead, covering up to Sunday, August 6, during which time people may experience some flooding.

While Tuesday, August 1, will bring some welcome change compared to previous weeks, the forecasters said, a wet pattern will quickly re-establish itself.

A low-pressure system will cross the Atlantic from Wednesday, August 2, bringing “unseasonably wet and windy” weather.

The forecast adds that some parts of the country will experience more severe weather, including thundery rain and “very strong winds”.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Steve Ramsdale said the double assault of wind and rain will commence from August 2 in northern England.

People living in the region could experience “surface water flooding”, with thundery showers also pouring out hail.

Mr Ramsdale said: “Persistent rain feeding into eastern part of northern England in particular, sees the risk of some surface water flooding.

“There is also the potential for some heavy and thundery showers, which could be slow moving in places with a risk of hail, across central and southern areas.”

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“The stronger winds, however, are more limited to the south coast.”

Mr Ramsdale added that people should take care when planning outdoor activities and holidays, with gale-force winds possible just days after schools broke up for summer.

He added: “With the school holidays underway and many families planning outdoor activities the unseasonably strong winds could also have an impact.

“While many coastal areas will see breezy conditions at times through the week, some strong or even gale force winds are possible along coastal areas of the south and south-west through Wednesday in particular.”

“With the changeable conditions this week, it is important to stay up to date with the daily forecast and plan accordingly.”

While the latest Met Office forecast is less than exciting, other meteorologists have tried to pinpoint the day sunny weather could return to the British Isles.

Speaking to, Jim Dale, senior meteorologist for British Weather Services, said a “south to north progress” would bring 32C to southeast England by August 12 but stressed his prediction is “still a forecast for now”.

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