Lucy Letby cops launch corporate manslaughter probe at hospital she worked at

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    Police are launching a "corporate manslaughter" probe at the hospital nurse Lucy Letby killed seven infants.

    Cheshire Constabulary confirmed the force is conducting an investigation at the Countess of Chester Hospital following the trial of Letby, 33, who received a whole-life order for the seven murders and a further attempted six murders.

    The prolific child serial killer is facing a retrial over one count of attempted murder relating to Child K. A provisional date for the retrial of the attempted murder in February 2016 is set for June 10 next year.

    Detective Superintendent Simon Blackwell, strategic lead for Operation Hummingbird, has since confirmed the force will investigate corporate manslaughter at the hospital Letby worked. They are set to look at dates between June 2015 and June 2016.

    D.S. Blackwell said: "Following the lengthy trial, subsequent conviction of Lucy Letby and an assessment by senior investigative officers, I can confirm that Cheshire Constabulary is carrying out an investigation into corporate manslaughter at the Countess of Chester Hospital.

    "The investigation will focus on the indictment period of the charges for Lucy Letby, from June 2015 to June 2016, and consider areas including senior leadership and decision making to determine whether any criminality has taken place. At this stage we are not investigating any individuals in relation to gross negligence manslaughter.

    "The investigation is in the very early stages and we are unable to go into any further details or answer specific questions at this time. We recognise that this investigation will have a significant impact on a number of different stakeholders including the families in this case and we are continuing to work alongside and support them during this process."

    Police confirmed further updates would be confirmed "in due course". Letby appeared in court again recently (September 25) to confirm her intention to pursue a retrial over an attempted murder.

    The child killer denied all offences and formally lodged an appeal against her convictions at the Court of Appeals earlier this month, the Daily Star reported. Chief Crown Prosecutor Jonathan Storer confirmed the retrial would be carried out.

    He said: "Before reaching our conclusions, we listened carefully to the views of the families affected, police and prosecution counsel. Many competing factors were considered including the evidence heard by the court during the long trial and its impact on our legal test for proceeding with a prosecution."

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