Killer nurse Lucy Letby may have murdered three more babies says expert

Killer nurse Lucy Lebty might have murdered three more babies, a witness has claimed.

Dewi Evans who provided expert evidence against Letby during the trial, says Letby possibly harmed another 15 infants.

Letby, 33, was found guilty of murdering seven babies on a neonatal ward and the attempted murder of six others.

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She is currently spending the rest of her life behind bars, although is said to be appealing the conviction.

Mr Evans has now spoken to the Daily Mail about another 10 children who survived but could have been harmed by Letby during her time at the Countess of Chester Hospital.

He said: “Initially, I looked at 32 cases and there are seven of those (which were not part of the trial) that need more scrutiny.

“These babies had illnesses that were life-threatening and three of them died – but we need to look at them to see if they were placed in harm's way as well.

“They were poorly so it may be impossible to show beyond reasonable doubt whether they were the victim of inflicted harm.

“But there are seven cases that concern me which we need to look at more thoroughly.

“I found several cases that are highly suspicious where an endotracheal tube – placed in a baby's throat when they need breathing support – had been displaced, had come out.

“I will be liaising with Cheshire Police to bring those cases to their attention.”

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Letby's appeal was confirmed on Friday (September 15).

The Department of Health has previously said an independent inquiry will be held into Letby’s case, and will examine “the circumstances surrounding the deaths and incidents – including how concerns raised by clinicians were dealt with”.

Prosecutors are also expected to announce later this month whether they intend to seek a retrial for Letby on a number of outstanding allegations.

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