ISIS gunman who killed two football fans dies after being shot by police

A person, suspected to be the gunman who killed two people in Brussels on Monday evening, has died in hospital from his injuries after being shot by police in a cafe. 

Two people – reportedly both fans of the Swedish national football team – were killed and a third seriously injured after a man opened fire during a football match between Sweden and Belgium in the latter nation’s capital.

A video posted to social media shows an Arabic-speaking man who has claimed responsibility for the attack, stating he was working in the name of God.

The suspect, who claimed to be an ISIS member, remained at large for hours after the killing, and sparked a massive manhunt in the capital of Belgium. Overnight, authorities searched for a 45-year-old suspected Tunisian extremist who was known to police and was living in the country illegally.

The man was found by police officers inside a café in the Brussels neighbourhood of Schaerbeek at 8am. Authorities “opened fire” before arresting him, the Belgian prosecutors’ office said. 

The suspect was found with an automatic weapon believed to be the same one used in the deadly attack, which prosecutors are treating as terrorism. The man was taken on an ambulance, and may have died on his way to the hospital, Belgian Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden said. 

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  • Moment before suspected gunman shot by police caught on CCTV

    The shocking moments before the suspected gunman, who allegedly killed two Swedish nationals in Brussels, was shot by police in a cafe was caught on CCTV. 

    The suspect has since died in hospitals from his injuries.

    Footage shows a man wearing an orange high-visibility jacket standing behind a car.

    The man can then be seen crouching down, while apparently holding a weapon.

    The footage cuts off, but Belgium’s media reported the suspected assailant left the scene afterwards to enter a cafe in the Schaerbeek neighbourhood.

    Footage of suspected Brussels gunman before being shot by police

    Gunman dies

    The suspected ‘ISIS fanatic’ gunman who shot two football fans dead in Belgium has died in hospital from his injuries.

    He was shot by police in a cafe, after going on the run following the horror attack in Brussels.

    Suspect shot by police

    A person suspected of killing two Swedish nationals in Belgium on Monday evening has been shot by police.

    The man was shot in a café in the Schaerbeek neighbourhood, according to local media.

    An automatic weapon believed to be the one used in the deadly attack on Monday has also been recovered, Belgian interior minister Annelies Verlinden said.

    Speaking to VRT radio, she said: “We have the good news that we found the individual.”

    Terror alert second-highest level in Belgium

    The OCAD anti-terror centre has raised the terror alert to the second-highest level across most of the country.

    Laura Demullier of the OCAD said the top priority for authorities had been to get thousands of football fans attending the Euro 2024 qualifier between Belgium and Sweden safely out of the the King Baudouin Stadium.

    The attacker is said to remain at large. Fans were held for two hours after the attack, which was just three miles away.

    “The population needs to be actively vigilant and avoid any unnecessary travel,” Ms Demullier said.

    Raising the terror level to the top 4 rating means the threat is “extremely serious”. It previously stood at 2, which means the threat was average.

    Reports shooter is targeting Swedish people

    There are reports the shooter has been targeting people from Sweden. Officials say he applied for asylum in 2019 but was rejected.

    Police in Tunisia were allegedly set to have a meeting with Antwerp Police about the suspect on Tuesday in relation to terrorism offences.

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    Two dead and one injured, say officials

    Officials have confirmed a third victim who remains seriously injured in hospital.

    Two other Swedish football fans are confirmed to have died in the attack.

    Shooter ‘illegally’ in Belgium

    Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo says the suspect is a man of Tunisian descent who was “staying illegally” in Belgium.

    In a press conference, he said: “The attack which was committed yesterday was carried out with total cowardice” by a man “of Tunisian origin who was staying illegally” in Belgium, he added

    Cordon remains in place

    A cordon remains in place this morning as police in Brussels continue to search for the attacker.

    Sweden captain felt stadium was ‘safest place’

    Sweden captain Victor Lindelof, the Manchester United defender, said security put the team “at ease”.

    “They explained that this is the safest place to be in Brussels,” he said.

    “Belgium are already qualified and we don’t have the opportunity to get to the European Championship, so I see no reason to play.”

    ‘Avoid the area’

    The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) said: “A shooting took place on Boulevard d’Ypres in central Brussels on 16/10/2023.

    “The authorities have confirmed two fatalities. Attacker is not detained and still at large. Avoid the area and follow the advice of local authorities.

    “Brussels-Capital Region is now at threat level 4 of 4. This means you should avoid all non-essential travel, including commuting and taking children to school.”

    A shooting took place on Boulevard d’Ypres in central Brussels on 16/10/2023. The authorities have confirmed two fatalities. Attacker is not detained and still at large. Avoid the area and follow the advice of local authorities. Brussels-Capital Region is now at threat level 4 of 4. This means you should avoid all non-essential travel, including commuting and taking children to school.”

    UEFA issues statement following shooting

    UEFA has issued a statement regarding the Sweden vs Belgium game following tonight’s shooting.

    A spokesman for the organisation said the game has been abandoned, and promised to update fans “in due course”.

    The statement read: “Following a suspected terrorist attack in Brussels this evening, it has been decided, after consultation with the two teams and the local police authorities, that the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying match between Belgium and Sweden is abandoned.

    “Further communication will be made in due course.”

    Ursula Von der Leyen speaks out

    EU Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen has spoken out following tonight’s shooting.

    Posting on X, she said her thoughts were with the families of those affected while offering support to the Belgian police.

    She wrote: “Tonight, my thoughts are with the families of the two victims of the despicable attack in Brussels.

    “I extend my heartfelt support to the Belgian police, so they swiftly apprehend the suspect.

    “Together, we stand united against terror.”

    In a follow-up post, she joined the Belgian government in expressing her sympathies to Sweden’s PM.

    She said: “I want to convey my deep sympathy to @SwedishPM Kristersson and the Swedish people who have lost two of their countrymen this evening in the cowardly attack in Brussels.

    “Our thoughts go out to you at this difficult time.”

    Devastated fans react to shooting

    Photographers have captured devastated football fans reacting to news of the shooting this evening. 

    Pictures show people crying and comforting one another as the news broke following the attack after 7pm. 

    Organisers postponed the Euro 2024 qualifying match after halftime this evening. 

    In an announcement to attendees, stadium announcers said players did not want to continue the match. 

    Announcers said: “The players decided they do not want to continue the game because of what happened earlier today in Brussels.”

    Additional pictures show crime scene

    Additional pictures posted online show the crime scene erected by police following the shooting. 

    Photos show people milling around nearby, and armed police standing at the ready. 

    Belgian Foreign Minister dubs shooting ‘terror attack’

    Belgium’s foreign minister has dubbed tonight’s shooting a “terror attack” in a statement.

    Posting on social media, Hadja Lahbib said she was “horrified” at news of the attack.

    She said: “Shocked by the terrorist attack that claimed two victims in the heart of Brussels.

    “All necessary resources must be used to combat radicalism.

    “Our thoughts go out to the victims, their families and our police forces.”

    Pictures show bullet ridden arena exterior

    New pictures have captured the bullet-ridden exterior of the King Baudouin Stadium following tonight’s shooting. 

    Photos show bullet holes punched into the stadium’s glass frontage.

    Belgian Prime Minister issues condolences

    Belgium’s Prime Minister has sent his condolences to hs Swedish counterpart following tonight’s attack.

    Alexander De Croo said on social media that he had passed a statement to Ulf Kristersson “following tonight’s harrowing attack on Swedish citizens”.

    He added the government is keeping tabs on the developing situation.

    He said: “My deepest condolences to the relatives of this cowardly attack in Brussels.

    “We are monitoring the situation and ask the people of Brussels to be vigilant.”

    Crisis Centre Belgium – avoid unnecessary travel

    Risk assessment agency Crisis Centre Belgium has released a warning for people living in Brussels as it raises the local terror threat level.

    Posting on social media, the organisation has told people to avoid unnecessary travel.

    The warning reads: “Threat level 4 for the Brussels-Capital region. Increased vigilance is required. Avoid unnecessary travel.”

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