Indian billionaire under investigation after crash saw two burn to death

Police are investigating a billionaire Indian property magnate after he and his wife were involved in a horror supercar crash that left a couple burned to death in the wreckage.

Vikas Oberoi, 54, was behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Hurican with his wife and former beauty queen Gayatri Joshi in a sports car rally on the Italian island of Sardinia on Monday.

Video taken on the day shows the blue Lamborghini attempting an overtake manoeuvre past a large white campervan near the town of San Giovanni Suergiu.

Just seconds apart, a red Ferrari car also tries to overtake the bigger vehicle before the two supercars collide, the Telegraph reports.

In the chaos that follows the Ferrari appears to go under and then flip over the campervan before going off the road and bursting into flames.

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The campervan remains on its side across the road and the blue Lamborghini comes to a stop on a verge with significant damage.

Inside, the Ferrari Swiss couple Melissa Krautli, 63, and Markus Krautli, 67, tragically burned to death after they were unable to escape or be rescued.

According to the Telegraph Mr Oberoi, reportedly worth £3.6 billion, is now “under investigation” for a “double homicide”. It’s not been reported the speeds at which the vehicles involved were travelling.

The husband in the campervan told Italian media: “We had almost arrived in San Giovanni Suergiu when we heard a terrible crash and I lost control of the camper.

“The vehicle overturned, we found ourselves with our heads upside down. For a moment we were silent in disbelief.

“Then I looked into my wife’s eyes and asked her if she was OK. She nodded and said ‘I think so’. When we came out, we thought we were in hell.”

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Italian newspaper L’Unione Sarda reports the public prosecutor Giangiacomo Pilia has the opened a case for “double road homicide”.

The publication said police had already been asked to acquire video of the incident which took place during the Sardinia Supercar Experience.

Mr Oberoi and his wife reportedly escaped the accident unscathed. Ms Johsi told Indian media that by “God’s grace, we both are absolutely fine”.

According to the Telegraph Mr Oberoi’s company, Oberoi Realty, said in a statement: “The relevant authorities are investigating the incident and until the facts are established, we won’t be able to comment on the matter.”

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